Digital Marketing: What 2017 May Bring

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January 26, 2017
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February 13, 2017

Digital Marketing: What 2017 May Bring

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: The only thing constant in the world of digital marketing is change and 2016 was no different. Google announced that they are shifting from Desktop first to mobile first index, Facebook continued its rapid rise and Yahoo, as usual, managed to disappoint everyone, by first axing 15% of their workforce and then by letting the data of over a billion users get into the hands of hackers.

Digital Marketing

2016 ended on such a note that it has left everyone one wondering that what’s going to happen next. So we tried to figure out that what can possibly happen in 2017:

Google will push HTTPS: In 2016, Google announced that they will add warnings to the sites that collect personal information over a non-SSL connection. Currently, they are just recommending, but in the near future, they may start pushing it just like they made it mandatory to have a mobile friendly website. It is possible that Google may not prefer sites that will refuse to opt for HTTPS. So if you haven’t shifted to the secure site yet, now is the time to do so.

Progressive web Apps (PWAs): Be informed that “Apps” have the reach of the web and provide immersive user experience just like the mobile apps. PWAs load instantly, respond quickly, regardless of the strength of the network. This can be a masterstroke by Google because the Mobile app market is dying slowly. Approximately 1000’s of apps get uploaded on a daily basis on Apple App Store and Google Play Store and we know how many apps actually taste the success.

Also, getting people to download your app is one thing and compelling them to keep coming back is another. Do you know that most of the revenue from mobile apps is coming from just 1% of the publishers: Facebook and Google.

So PWAs will not only provide good user experience but will also give a chance to rest of the guys to compete with the giants. Good guy Google!

Facebook recommendations: Facebook launched recommendations a while ago, and at first, everyone thought of it as a crowdsourcing tool. But recently Facebook revealed their ambitious plan that it’s not just another crowdsourcing tool but in fact a golden opportunity for small business owners to boost up their sales. After the latest update, people can suggest their friends their favorite restaurants, places, and experiences, it will be mapped out and saved into one place for users to see.

So if you are a local business owner, start seeding your business with the help of your friends, existing customers and family members, as it will turn out beneficial for you.

The growth of Machine Learning SEO: Google is the leader in using AI & Machine Learning. And 2017 could be the year when SEO’s will start using machine learning to their advantage. Now you can automate the process of image captioning and can dominate the image search with the help of TensOrFlow. It’s an open source software that is trained to provide captions of the recognized images.

Keep an eye on the Local Guide program: Google closed the Mapmaker because of the heavy spamming. Many experts expressed their concern over this and some people even predicted that the idea might backfire. However, it seems almost impossible that a company like Google will not have another plan in place to tackle the issue. And currently, they are pushing Local guide programs. It’s highly likely that they are going to push it by paying huge rewards in exchange of writing local contents. They want to generate bottom-line involvement, so the rewards are going to be pretty impressive. Also, pay attention to the SMB posting to search beta feature. It can be very beneficial for you. Here’s how.

Google Echo and Amazon Alexa Solve Crimes:

As the digital assistants like Google Echo and Amazon Alexa are getting more sophisticated, there’s an increasing chance that they will not only provide convenience but will also help in solving the crimes.

The rise of internet of things, digital assistants and wearable are making it easier to collect the information & solve the cases. Crimes have been solved using Fingerprints, browser history so recorded information from a DA seems like a natural progression.

Twitter may be acquired for Real this time:

Twitter is now under more pressure to sell but it seems that no one in the market is willing to pay the price. Most of the potential buyers think that it is overvalued and thus have pulled their hand from it. Looking at the list of the companies that are willing to buy it, Google’s acquisition of Twitter makes the most sense.


It is safe to say that in 2017, digital marketing industry will get more complicated than ever, and thus there will be more demand for your specialized skills. But in order to take the full advantage, you will have to keep an eagle eye on the minutest changes. So that you can break the code, before even other starts to understand it.

Manny Potter
Manny Potter
I’m an internet marketing consultant focused on helping small businesses and non-profit organizations increase online sales, strengthen their overall brand, and dramatically boost website traffic through proven online marketing concepts.

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