Facebook Fanpage: The New Status & Messenger

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January 26, 2017
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February 1, 2017

Facebook Fanpage: The New Status & Messenger

Facebook Fanpage

Facebook Fanpage Status:

Hope you’ve already experienced the extremely new and cool Facebook Fanpage’s status update that was rolled out in 2016 for all the Facebook Fanpages. This feature was conceptualized to enhance the performance and to make it more user-friendly.

Here’s how it looks:

Facebook Fanpage

Advertise your business

This tab enables you to advertise your business from the page itself. You don’t need to go into the Ads manager section separately to create the ads for the following kind of objectives: Get More Calls, Get More Website Visitors, Promote Your Business Locally, Promote Your Page. Also, there is one more option included inside it i.e: Share Page With Friends which helps you to invite your friends to like the page. Just like you, we are also wondering why this option has been added here.

Get phone calls, Get messages & Get Directions (Help people find your business)

With the help of these options, you can simply add Call-To-Action buttons in your posts. Earlier it was available only in Paid Advertising & Power Editor tool.

Create an event, Create an offer & Write a note

We know that these options are not new to us. Use these options when your business have an event or an offer is going on…

“Write a note” option will help you add a short story with a catchy image to showcase your business to the audience.

And, It seems “Milestone” option is currently unavailable on the updated version of pages which is big flaw by facebook.

New Messenger Settings:

How many of you made a use of it? If you haven’t set this up for your Facebook Fanpage then don’t wait & rush to update it now.

General Settings

When you have written a message, you can tap the Return/Enter key to send it. To avail this feature on your messenger, change settings to Yes.  You may find it not useful compared to the below ones..

Response Assistant

There are 3 different settings available in this section.

1. Stay responsive when you can’t get to your computer or phone

You can let your customers know that you will respond soon by a custom message which will automatically send to the ones who massage and keep your responsiveness rating good, any time you’re away.

2. Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page

You can set an instant reply to be sent automatically so the people would be aware that you will respond soon.

3. Show a Messenger Greeting

You can display a greeting message to the people when they open a conversation with you for the first time.

Messenger Platform

The apps that are currently subscribing to your page and their information will be listed here. Information includes app name, permissions, and who subscribe the app to the page.

Hope Facebook comes up with new exciting features in this year as well.

Manny Potter
Manny Potter
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