Facebook Video Ads are Going to Play in the “Middle” of its Videos

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February 13, 2017
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Facebook Video Ads are Going to Play in the “Middle” of its Videos

facebook video ads

Facebook Video Ads:

You may have noticed a little too many videos on your news feed lately, even from pages that you hardly visit. Facebook was even recommending video from various pages to the users and now it has become clear that what was the reason behind it. At current, visual content is the most engaging of them all and when we hear the word “Videos” we automatically turn to “Youtube”. Facebook wanted to change that.

facebook video ads

They were aggressively pushing the video content from quite some time now, and even introduced a very controversial way of counting views. Facebook counted even a 3 sec engagement as a view despite the fact that the video starts to play automatically on Facebook. So the number on the papers were going high, but it was far from the actual reality. Some of the “Experts” were even predicting that in the near future, Facebook will come equal to the “Youtube”.


It doesn’t matter how much views you got on your videos because there was little to no direct earnings from the videos. Many big publishers such as Buzzfeed complained to the Facebook that they are earning minimal amount from the video content. So as we know that Facebook actively looks onto matters and takes every “Genuine concern” into account, it reacted the way nobody was expecting.

Facebook Video ads in the MIDDLE of the video. Yes, you read that right. Facebook will play ads after a user has watched at least 20 seconds of the video to ensure maximum engagement rate. They will also share a mammoth 55% of the profit with the publishers, same as the YouTube.

Now, this strategy of Facebook is beneficial from several aspects. Firstly, they will ensure the maximum engagement rate of the users, secondly, they will encourage the publisher to make long and engaging videos so that they can retain the users till 20 seconds and last but not the least, they will ensure that advertisers get the maximum bang for their bucks.

So this strategy is not only beneficial for the Facebook, but also for the users, advertisers, and publishers as well.  Win win situation for every party involved.

Manny Potter
Manny Potter
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