Google plans to extend their Adwords text description limit

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Google plans to extend their Adwords text description limit

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Many times, it’s hard to convey your message in just 80 characters. It’s a humongous task to sum up your product or service in 80 characters and that also in an engaging way. While writing the copies, we all have wished for more characters to play with, so we can deliver our message to our prospective customers as effectively as possible.

Sometimes all we need is to educate our targeted searchers and they will turn into a customer, but for that, we need more than 80 Characters.

Our wish might come true in the near future since Google is testing a new feature that provides the advertisers with double the characters, 160 to be specific.

adwords text description

Many users in the US have spotted a second description line in the Adwords. This additional description line also provides the users with exactly the same number of characters. So when you need to flash more information in front of the users, you can use this.

It’s important to discuss that the higher number of characters in the text ads have also received a lower CTR than the ads with a shorter description. Well, it might be because people don’t engage in an ad unless it is highly relevant to them. And if they come across a relevant ad, they don’t like to read all the info that is there in the smaller font along with a lot of distractions. They might just click on the Ad, go to the page, get the info and jump back or buy. It seems more convenient to just click on the page than to read the whole description right there. However, it is for those who are at the end of the buying funnel and need no convincing.

The additional description line will be valuable for the users that are not at the end of the buying funnel and need more information about the products or service.

But before making any strategies or jumping to imaginary conclusions, it needs to be fully launched and since Google has not given a slightest of hint regarding it, it’s better to just wait for it.  Will keep you updated on any progress.

Manny Potter
Manny Potter
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