Google will no longer consider virtual office space as a service area business

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Google will no longer consider virtual office space as a service area business

Virtual Office on Google Maps

Virtual office solutions are perfect for all businesses who don’t want to spend an awful lot of money for hiring employees & renting physical office space. However, it’s not going down well with Google.

From now on, Google will not consider virtual office space as your service area business as per their updated Google My Business guidelines. Your virtual office must be staffed during the business hours. They have recently updated the Google my business guidelines and made it clear that the virtual offices are causing a lot of confusion and that’s why they are compelled to take this step.

So unless a team is there to receive the customers during business hours, Google will not consider it as the Service-area business.

Virtual Office

Here’s the new section that has been added:

Service-area business — businesses that serve customers at their locations — should have one page for the central office or location and designate a service area from that point. Service-area business can’t list a “virtual” office unless that office is staffed during business hours.

 Some businesses, like pizzerias that have both have restaurant seating and deliver pizza to customers, are hybrid service-area business. These businesses can show their storefront address and designate a service area in Google My Business. If you serve customers at your address and want to set a service area, your business location should be staffed by your team and able to receive customers during its stated hours.

 Google will determine how best to display your business address based on your business information as well as information from other sources.

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Manny Potter
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