Instagram stories will now feature live videos!

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Instagram stories will now feature live videos!

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Taking a leaf out of its parent company’s book, Instagram now plans on introducing Live Videos in Instagram Stories. However, these videos are going to be slightly different. While Facebook’s videos are all about sharing media content, Instagram’s implementation is supposed to be an amalgamation of Periscope and Snapchat.

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Here’s what’s going to be unique about Live Videos – they will disappear once you stop streaming! The idea behind this concept is to make people more “comfortable with sharing anything, anytime”.

How Will It Work?

The steps to sharing a Live Video will be pretty simple. Swipe from the right of your feed to launch the camera, tap on ‘Start Live Video’ and go for it! Instagram says users will be able to stream a live video for about an hour.

Once you go live, your Instafriends will be notified. To let your friends know what the video is about, you can pin a comment that they can read when they access your live feed. If you wish to, you can even disable the comments on these videos.

Similarly, when your friends get busy sharing in the moment, you will see “Live” written under their contact names in the app.

There’s More…

Live Videos will also be available in other parts of Instagram, such as the Explorer section. Here you will be able to see popular live feeds from around the world under ‘Top Live’. To access these feeds, all you have to do is swipe through them like you would in Instagram Stories.

You will also be able to send Snapchat-like pictures and videos to your friends via Instagram Direct, the app’s messaging platform, that will disappear once your friends open and view them.

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