Local Search Latest happenings for the month of January 2017

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December 30, 2016
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January 17, 2017

Local Search Latest happenings for the month of January 2017

Local Search

Local Search – Google’s strategy of closing the map maker to prevent spam might backfire because earlier it showed who made the changes, and the business owners or users were able to track them down and report if they were spammers. But after the removal of Mapmaker, anybody can suggest edits and it will go live without any authentication. Business owners, users, and marketers are concerned about this feature. Let’s see if Google takes this into account or has any plans for that.

Google is currently testing promoted places within Google maps. The testing is limited to the big brands & will be available to rest very soon. It seems like that this feature is here to stay, so keep an eye.

Local Search

Now you can let your customers know that your business is wheelchair accessible within the local listings. It’s not only good for people with disabilities but will also help you improve your business reputation.

Google has just provided users with the power to organize search results as per the timings and ratings of business. This makes having good reviews even more important.

Social media can help you create great local content, here’s a great guide.

Creating an accurate Google Analytics report for small businesses can be overwhelming, but with the help of these tips, you can do it with ease.

Google My Business is encouraging business owners to upload as many photos as they can to counter the growing number of spam and fake local listings. They are not declaring the specific benefits, but it is evident that Google will offer some advantage as a token of appreciation.

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