Yahoo is taking it’s last breath!

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February 1, 2017
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Yahoo is taking it’s last breath!


It’s last Breath


It’s ironic that a search engine that was supposed to acquire Google is being killed by the same. Google has pulled out the plugs and Yahoo is taking the last breath. However, they have decided to donate the organs and Verizon and Alibaba has come forward to receive it.

You might be aware that Verizon is acquiring Yahoo and the rest is becoming Altaba, once the process is completed. Be informed that the CEO Marissa Mayer and co-founder David Filo will leave the company as soon as the deal get closed.

However, we don’t have any stakes in the company but still are feeling a bit sad that a company, which was there from the very start will be no more. Millenials are surely going to miss the Yahoo messenger and the rest will miss the all loaded home page of Yahoo.

But like it’s said, the change is often painful but necessary, so maybe it’s possible that Verizon will infuse new life into the company and we will be able to witness a new and improved search engine that is ready to compete with the King of search engines “Google”.

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Manny Potter
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